How To Buy A Business

I believe that buying a business can be the very best investment you will ever make, it can help you achieve that perfect work / life balance and that it can be your ticket to a very comfortable retirement…

BUT you have to do it properly and with the right support and advice, or the consequences will be devastating.

Don’t let your dream of owning a successful business turn into a nightmare.

Learn how to buy a business, for a great price and in a way that gives you the greatest probability of success, here!

Powerful & Proven Advice

Specific to buying a business in Canada and buying a medium-sized business.


Don’t just take it from me, let our clients do the talking!

I like that its basic, not technical, it demonstrates how simple elements can be overlooked and can have a significant and costly impact to the buyer/business.

The case study does illustrate why understanding the process and having an advisor assist in the purchase is very important.

Thanks Matt, for all your insight and experience, truly invaluable !!

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Business

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Business Plan Template

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Buying A Franchise In Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our How To Buy A Business Course

Why "...8 Elements..."?
“8 Elements” refers to the fact that there are 8 elements of a business that can positively or negatively effect value. There are 8 elements of a business that can effect your chances of buying that business and that can effect your future success. Financial statements are just one of these 8 elements and the problem is many people, including accountants, only focus on reviewing the financial statements as a means of determining the value of a business opportunity. You cannot understand or valuate a business opportunity by just looking at financial statements. My course explains why.
Why should I buy your course?
I have been through the business buying process hundreds of times. I want to share all this knowledge and experience with you!

Based on this “hands-on” experience I’ve created a comprehensive course for individuals and couples who are serious about buying a business. My course takes a non technical, common sense approach to buying a business that will guide you step by step through the entire business buying process.

Buy my course and follow the advice contained within and I promise you several great things will happen:

  • You’ll be learning the most cost effective way of buying a business, saving you thousands of dollars in legal fees,
  • You’ll learn how to identify a great business opportunity,
  • Conversely, you’ll know how to spot a horrible money sapping business that should be avoided at all costs,
  • You’ll learn how to Evaluate a business properly as well as learn the fundamentals to Valuating a business,
  • I’m going to teach you how to identify and avoid very common, very costly, mistakes and how to buy a business in such a way that gives you the greatest probability of success.

You’ll save tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the entire business buying process!

Do you have a FREE guide to buying a business that outlines the buying a business process?
Absolutely. Checkout my Buying A Business 8 Step Quick Guide Infographic.

Plus, for a more detailed overview of the business buying process I created “A 16 Step Comprehensive Guide To Buying A Business“.

What is the link to your YouTube Channel that has a library of videos specific to Buying A Business?
The library of videos I currently have available can be viewed if you Click HERE.

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Do you have more information on the content of your how to buy a business course?
Yes absolutely – checkout this video article: The 8 Elements Approach To Buying A Business Course Curriculum.