How To Buy A Business Course Curriculum


I’ve been through the business buying process hundreds of times. Based on this “hands-on” experience I’ve created a comprehensive course for individuals and couples who are serious about buying a business – the right way.

My course takes a non technical, common sense approach to buying a business that guides you step by step through the entire business buying process. Buy my course and follow the advice contained within and I promise you several great things will happen:

  • You’ll be learning the most cost effective way of buying a business, saving you thousands of dollars in legal fees,
  • You’ll learn how to identify a great business opportunity,
  • Conversely, you’ll know how to spot a horrible money sapping business that should be avoided at all costs,
  • You’ll learn how to Evaluate a business properly as well as learn the fundamentals to Valuating a business,
  • I’m going to teach you how to identify and avoid very common, very costly, mistakes and how to buy a business in such a way that gives you the greatest probability of success.

You’ll save tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the entire business buying process!

In this video I discuss the course curriculum in detail. I’m going to discuss:

Section 1 – Personal Preparation – 1:46

Section 2 – Market Overview – 3:16

Section 3 – Identify Your Team Of Advisors – 4:17

Section 4 – Business Buying Process – 5:51

Section 5 – The 8 Elements That Effect Value – 6:34

Section 6 – Business Valuation – 8:27

Section 7 – Creating An Offer – 9:25

Section 8 – Offer Accepted – Next Steps – 10:12

If you’ve got a question about the course curriculum or a question about any aspect of the business buying process itself – I’d love to help you. Contact me today.

Please do take the time to watch this video in its entirety.

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