Buy and Sell a Business

I believe many more people would be successful at buying a business or selling a business if they only took the time to educate themselves on the process – if they only had access to a comprehensive course that showed them exactly what they needed to do.

It’s the reason I created a library of free resources specific to buying a business and selling a business. It’s the reason I created two comprehensive courses on:

  • How To Buy A Business, and
  • How To Sell A Business.

Hello and welcome. My name is Matthew Buxton and I’m passionate about teaching people how to buy a business and how to sell a business.

– Online Courses – Expert Advice –

Specific to Buying A Business in Canada and Selling A Business in Canada.


Don’t just take it from me, let our clients do the talking!

I really enjoyed the Personal Preparation section in the Book. It excites me because it starts to introduce ideas and concepts that I had not previously considered when thinking about the business buying process, the complexity of the process starts to become apparent.

I am eager to continue on with the course as I feel there is opportunity to learn something new.

Great job putting this very exhaustive course and content together. It has been very educational and extremely helpful to me.

Your subject matter expertise definitely shines through.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our How To Buy And Sell A Business Online Courses

What size and types of business does your advice and course apply to?
This information is specific to small businesses located anywhere in Canada. Privately owned businesses and franchises that have between 1 & 100 employees and whose gross revenues are between $100,000 & $8,000,000 (approximately).

Any type of business be it: Business2Business (B2B), Professional Services, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Health & Wellness, Wholesale and Retail based businesses, and Restaurants …to name just a few.

Why did you create these courses?
I love to help people and I love to see people succeed. I have started and owned a number of different businesses. Today I have more than a decade of experience as a “hand’s-on” business broker. I’ve been through the business buying and selling process hundreds of times.

I want to share all this experience with individuals and couples who dream of buying a business. I want to share all this experience with business owners who are ready to have a comfortable retirement.

I don’t believe in smoke and mirrors and I hate to hear of people fall victim to a “shyster” – someone all to willing to take advantage of others for their own personal and financial gain.

These are just a few of the reasons why I created these comprehensive courses specific to buying and selling a business.

Buying a business in Canada or sell a business in Canada difficult can it really be?
Be it buying a business or selling a business – the process is complex. Aside from the buyer(s) and seller(s) there will be their wants, needs and emotions. There is the subject business to consider – a living breathing, ever changing entity. There will typically be a lender and a landlord involved. There should also be an experienced lawyer for the buyer and for the seller involved. Add to this mix misinformation and dishonest / inexperienced representatives and you have a recipe for a very complex process.
What if I enrol in your course and find I need some help?
Be it your desire to buy a business or sell a business, the process is complex. You are going to have questions. Don’t struggle with a situation you are facing, just Contact Me.
Can your advice and course material be applied to buying a franchise in Canada or selling a franchise in Canada?
Yes, absolutely!
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